Female Escort Clients Story in Kuala Lumpur

When it comes to talking about KL escorts girl’s services, it would be about 80 % and above clients get back and in between 10-20% are new ones. The reason behind it in the new client’s percentage, they basically come for the vacation or for business meetings. The regular clients are the ones who have already taken up the services and leads to passionate sessions with KL escort girls. New clients come for the short period of time so that’s the only problem they don’t get converted into regular clients. With different styles and forms regular clients always choose only our service instead of going for others. With old clients there is a taste of familiarity and comfort but when it comes to new clients, you are getting to know someone and have fun. It is always exotic and fresh to meet someone new and get to know their likes and dislikes. Apart from this the conclusion we have found that KL escort girls treat their customer in best possible ways. So that’s the reason that they get the repetitive clients because those clients don’t use other brand’s escorts.

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